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Solving difficult problems require a team who are obsessed with the same thing. Regardless of the role and experience, we look for talented individuals with these 4 fundamental traits.

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What we look for

Team Player

You know what it means to work with a team and you value your team’s success more than your own.

Strong Leadership

Regardless of your title, your instinct is to lead yourself and your team into making the best possible decisions.


You listen to understand. In making a decision, you consider others’ point of view and are willing to put yourself in their shoes.

Life-long Learner

You are a student at heart and hungry to learn. Personal development is important to you and you strive to be the best version of yourself.

Our Principles

It’s About the Students

We do everything with the students best interest in mind. It’s not about us or about what we think. It’s about what is best for students.

Think 10X

We don’t want to be a drop in the ocean. We want to have a meaningful impact at scale. We push ourselves to continuously think in higher order of magnitude.

Make New Mistakes

We experiment, fail forward, and learn fast. We share our mistakes with others. We avoid making the same mistakes twice.

Solve Problems

We have the same objective. We trust each other’s intention, respect each other’s efforts, and show empathy.

Be Direct, Constructively

We don’t believe in politics. If we have something to say. we speak directly.

Own Your Result

We take responsibility for outcomes and timelines.

Fast & Furious

We value time and move quick.